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100% of your donation via Socialgiver is given to the project. Socialgiver will subsidize the transfer and administration fees as well as project verification, coordination, and support costs. If you would like to support Socialgiver and what we do, please visit and shop for your favorite GiveCards at our 'shop' page.

100% of your donation via Socialgiver is given to the project.

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Wildchain Conservation & Digital Wildlife Adoption Platform

Wildchain Conservation & Digital Wildlife Adoption Platform

Every 60 baht goes to the development of Wildchain


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Wildchain is a new initiative that aims to raise awareness and funds for conservation projects in a sustainable and scalable way, by tapping into entertainment and games.

The issue

We’ve lost 60% of wildlife populations in the past fifty years, according to the WWF (report). Such devastating loss is attributed to habitat destruction, deforestation, climate change and many other environmental impacts caused by humans. Lack of awareness, climate change and loss of biodiversity are three pressing issues our natural world faces today. Earth’s ecosystems and need our help to be restored.

How does the project address the issue? 

Wildchain is bringing people together to protect our planet’s endangered species and natural zones by creating shared value between social entertainment and real-world impact. Wildchain is a platform for wildlife conservation initiatives to raise awareness and fund their projects. Each Wildlife Non-Fungible Tokens (WIN) on our blockchain is a digital representation of an animal living in the real world, one to one. Wildchain uses the latest population estimates to create a digital mirror of our planet’s most precious species on the blockchain. For example, if there are 30 Vaquitas left in the world, there will also be 30 Vaquitas on our blockchain.

Inspired by games like Pokemon Go, Tamagotchi, and Farmville, Wildchain is aiming to use gamification to build awareness by educating users about various species they discover in-game, build engagement by creating incentives that link online actions with offline impact, and to raise funds by creating communities that will champion for projects that protect their favorite species in the real world. Users will be able to digitally adopt a range of wild animals, with the funds they pay going towards nature conservation and wildlife protection projects that are working on the ground to restore Earth’s biodiversity and prevent extinction.

How will your donation create impact?

Every 60 baht goes to the development of Wildchain

Your contribution to Wildchain will help invest in building a sustainable, scalable, and innovative solutions to help protect and preserve endangered species and their natural zones. Wildchain will also help ensure that nonprofits are more transparent about where donations go and what they are used for. With your help, we will help raise more funding for conservation projects that restore ecosystems and our planet.

Wildchain is a new project co-founded by Socialgiver. Wildchain will operate under Socialgiver until it is ready to spin off into its own non-profit social enterprise.