Rehabilitate Trafficked Slow Loris, For every 220 baht donated, you can provide essential care for a Slow Loris for a month- including food, medicine, supplements, and supporting the care-taking fee.
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What is a loris and why do they need help?
A slow loris is a small nocturnal prosimian, an ancient group of primates, native to South and Southeast Asia. This cute, but toxic animal is one of the least studied Asian primates, but they are sadly highly trafficked throughout the region for the pet and tourism trade, as well as for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In Thailand, the slow loris is listed under the endangered animal so it is ILLEGAL to trade slow loris’, whether they’re alive or deceased.
In Thailand, the slow loris’ popularity as pets and photo props for tourists has dramatically increased in recent years. When lorises are traded on the black market, they are commonly subjected to having their anterior teeth cut down in order to give people a false sense of security of not being bit when keeping them as pets. This cruel practice causes splintered teeth, abscesses, loss of appetite (due to pain) and often eventually leads to death.
The Project
The Loris Project by the Love Wildlife Foundation has several components to ensure a well-rounded program. Not only does the Project provide a residential area for the caretakers at the rehabilitation center, but they also provide a plan for the sustainability of the program. In order to end the slow loris trade, the foundation launched an awareness campaign to discourage people from unknowingly supporting the illegal trade and exploitation of these animals.
The goals are to keep lorises off the streets, out of people’s homes, and provide the best welfare for lorises rescued or confiscated. Thus, the Love Wildlife Foundation will work to provide suitable nutrition, healthcare and the most natural habitat for them as possible.
How will your donation create an impact?
For every 220 baht donated, you can provide essential care for a Slow Loris for a month- including food, medicine, supplements, and supporting the care-taking fee.
Medicine and supplies are needed as confiscated lorises often receive constant treatments due to tooth infections from the clipping of the teeth and from previous malnutrition. We employ a part-time vet who comes to the center once a week or on a need by a basis for health check-ups and routine treatments.
A vet nurse/care-taker is also stationed at the center to ensure proper nutrition, continuous treatment and constant monitoring of the lorises. As lorises are nocturnal, they are fed twice at night and need to be monitored to assess their health and behavior. Constant diligence is often needed in order to prevent fights and fatal injuries when introducing new slow lorises into the enclosures.
So, with your help, every 2,630 baht purchase on the Socialgiver website goes to provide a better life for the Slow Loris’ in the care of the foundation and aids in rescuing those on the black market. Hopefully, once they are healthy, they will be fit enough to be released back into the wild.
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