Fight Malnutrition for Rural School Children in Thailand, Every 1,890 baht donated provides nutritious meals for a child in need for 1 month.
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The Issue
In 2013, statistics from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) shows that 5.8% of the Thai population is experiencing malnutrition while 13% received less than sufficient nutrition for growth.
In 2014, statistics from FAO shows that 4.7% of 178,600 Thai children are seriously undernourished and 15.7% or 596,600 children are considered suffering from malnutrition and stunted growth.
Therefore in 2014, the Ministry of Education mandates that a school child’s nourishment should be a priority; leading to a budget being created where every child received a 20 Baht meal allowance per meal.
How does the project address the issue?
Food4Good realizes the importance of proper nutrition for children for strong physical and mental development. Thus, the project was established from the cooperation of various restaurants throughout Thailand to connect those in need with those who have the capacity to help fund food expenses.
The participating restaurants intend to solve the issue by offering high-quality dishes on their menu, whereupon every customer’s order, part of the revenues will be donated to 3 main foundations that work to solve the issue. These are the Sahathai Foundation, The Foundation for Children with Disability and The Baan Nokkamin Foundation.
How will your donation create impact?
For every 1,890 baht donated, you can provide a nutritious meal for a child in need for 1 whole month
Food4Good has provided meals for 445 children for the past 6 months, with a total of 20,060 nutritious meals being given out. The foundations are dedicated to helping more than 1,000 children and intend to expand their work further throughout Thailand in the future.
Your donation to Food4Good will help support:
Expenses for providing meals with better nutrition for children at approximately 21 Baht per meal per child (Note: This 21 Baht is in addition to the government food subsidy of 20 Baht per child, which increases the total food budget to 41 Baht per child. Thus, for 1 month, it would require 21 baht * 3 meals/day * 30 days = 1,890 baht donation to support the food expenses.
The food expenses will be distributed among the 3 charities partnering with Food4Good:
1) Holt Sahathai Foundation
Help abandoned children and victims of child abuse
2) Foundation for Children with Disability
Helps children with mental disabilities by working closely with parents on physical therapy training
3) Baan Nok Kamin Foundation
Helps orphans, street/homeless children, disadvantaged children, and drug addicts
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