Save Chiang Dao Forest from Wildfire, Chiang Mai, Every 7 baht to support the forest protection and reforestation effort in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai
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Emergency Relief: Save Our Soul - Chiang Dao Forest Protection
(April 2019 - December 2019)
Socialgiver has been supporting reforestation effort of the Chiang Dao forest in Chiang Mai through Big Tree project since March 2017. Due to the wildfire occurred during late March 2019, over 400 Rai of forested area has been burned within one week. This is one of the reasons for the toxic haze spreading over the northern part of Thailand.
As a result, a working team on the ground needs to change its strategy to align with the current situation. This temporary disaster relief project from April - December 2019 will focus on wildfire management and control by working with the local youths to protect this natural zone.
How will your donation create impact?
• Work with volunteered local residents from 20 villages to monitor for forest fires in the area (support 100 lunch boxes daily)
• Support the wildfire patrol team and fire protection line to eliminate possible fire sources left in the forest
• Purchase effective equipment for villagers who volunteer to fight fire in the forest fire.
• Plant new trees and restore Chiang Dao forests by using local plants
• Clean up a large amount of garbage left on Chiang Dao forest.
Previous Project at Chaing Dao Forest
Project Background
(March 2017 - March 2019)
Chiang Dao is a district in Chiang Mai next to Myanmar border. The Chiang Dao National Park is home to a wide variety of wild life and is where the Ping River, Thailand’s central water source, originates from. From Chiang Dao, the river flows down to Chian Mai, continues on to Bhumipol Dam, and eventually reach Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River.
In the last decade, the deforestation of Chiang Dao National park has rapidly accelerated; being replaced by houses and high monetary yield crops such as corn. The deforestation of the National Park gave way to the rising of forest fires and smog, which worsen every day during the dry season. This has led to farmlands being devastated, and large amounts of crops being destroyed.
In order to solve the listed problems above, a systematic change in operation methods is required; especially regarding the collaboration of key stakeholders.
How does the project address the issue?
In collaboration with the Big Trees Project, the “Chiang Dao Reforestation Project” led by Mr. Nikom putta, aims to fulfil 4 key objectives:
• To create awareness and develop collaboration between key stakeholders in the forest and water conservation industries in Chiang Dao
• To educate the greater public on how to conserve the forest and our natural water sources
• To encourage reforestation in community areas
• To foster the spirit of conservation among teens and parents living in and around Chiang Dao
How will your donation create impact?
Every 7 baht supports the acquisition and repair of equipments for reforestation effort in Chiang Dao, Chiangmai
Every baht of your donation will help support the following:
Equipment = 15,000 baht
Food & drinks for volunteers – 120 volunteers x 50baht food/drink x 4 sessions = 48,000 baht
Transportation expenses for moving plants/seed/equipment = 6 cars x 1,000 baht per car x 4 sessions = 24,000 baht
Expenses for food & drinks for Chiang Dao National Park forest rangers = 5,000 baht x 4 sessions=20,000 baht
Expenses for the villagers who volunteer as cooks = 3,000 baht x 2 sessions = 6,000 baht
Overhead & Utility costs: water, electricity, for the Chiang Dao Youth Camp, which houses all the volunteers = 9,000 baht
Care for the seedlings = 28,000 baht
The total expense for the reforestation effort in Chiang Dao is 150,000 baht.plant a trees 24,000 plants for 1,300 rai.
include Hog plum, Mango tree, Black Siris, Teak, Java plum, Beleric Myrobalan, Banana the expected impact of reforestation effort is 7 baht per tree.
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