Empower Underprivileged Children with Music and Arts, Every 80 baht provides art and music education to a child in Khlong Toey
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The Issue
The children growing up in the Khlong Toey communities face daily challenges and obstacles typical of the slum areas. Violence, poverty, blended families, drug addiction, and a lack of opportunities are just a few issues harming these children. The Khlong Toey Music Program (KTMP) seeks to create opportunities for these children and open their mind to the world and its possibilities. By hosting regular lessons, they are kept off the street and gain the chance to actively engage in creating something truly life changing.
How does the project address the issue?
Created in October 2012, the Khlong Toey Music Program (KTMP) aims to empower the underprivileged children of the Khlong Toey slum communities through music and art education.
Located in a 5-storey building in the middle of Khlong Toey, KTMP teaches music twice a week to about 30 children, and holds various workshops (art, capoeira, yoga, sport) organized by volunteers. KTMP provides a safe and uplifting space where the children can grow and express themselves while staying away from the streets and its vices.
In addition to teaching music and other activities on a daily basis, our ultimate goal would be to help our students follow their dreams and create their own future. We hope that giving them access to educational and professional opportunities improve their chances at truly being the change.
How will your donation create impact?
Every 80 baht donated, provides art education for a child in Khlong Toey
Our first and foremost priority is to keep children off the streets by offering them activities they enjoy, in an environment where they feel safe. Music is our main tool, but we are hoping to expand to other activities in order to target a larger number of children. Today we are helping about 30 kids by teaching music twice a week, and capoeira twice a month. In the future we want to be able to help at least one hundred children.
Every baht of your donation will go to hire an art teacher for one year so to expand our program and target more kids (potentially about 15 more children, as some of our music students also want to learn art). The teacher would come 3 hours a week, paid at 300 baht per hour, which would cost approximately 43,200 baht per year. The class room would be for 30 children. Therefore, every 1,440 baht can provide art education for 1 child, for 1 year. If per month, 80 baht per child.
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