Provide Supports for Young Children Living in Bangkok Slum Areas, Every 4,767 baht provided goes directly to improving the quality of life for children in slums.
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The Issue
Many families residing in slums throughout Bangkok such as Khlong Toey face numerous challenges on a daily basis. Broken families, parentless children, crime, drug abuse, unemployment, and low socioeconomic status are just some of the barriers that people residing in slums have to cope with. These challenges directly impact the families, particularly the children as quite a few are abandoned, left to fend for themselves, or physically abused; which in turn affects their health, safety, and mental development.
Most importantly, as outlined in the United Nations Human Rights Conventions; the quality of care given to these children is undeniably insufficient.
How does the project addresses the issue
The Foundation for Slum Childcare is a registered non-profit organization which operates under the royal patronage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra.
The foundation has identified the necessity for early intervention, especially in the period between 0-5 years old. As these are deemed the most important years for child development, It is critical that parents take on a more active role in the early development stages.
The 3 objectives of the foundation are:
1. To increase foundational knowledge among parents on how to care for young children.
2. To give the parents to the courage to stand up against life’s hardships by improving their children’s chances and aiding in their early development.
3. To strengthen the family unit through better communication, love and understanding.
How will your donation create impact?
Every 4,767 baht donated gives a young child living in the slums in Bangkok a chance to improve their life.
Your donation will go towards supporting a 2 days workshop called "School for parents... taking care of children." The workshop aims to foster bonds between parents and children living in difficult slum areas through activities that promote communication and knowledge about taking care of children.
The 2 days activity requires 286,000 baht to cover all the related costs (transportation, management, trainer, materials, venue). There will be 110 attendees joining the workshop (50 parents, 60 children). Thus, the intervention would cost 286,000/60 or 4,767 baht per child.
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