Helping the people most impact by COVID-19 crisis by supporting amazing projects in a sustainable and scalable way, Every baht provides support for Thailand’s social projects in the time of crisis.
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The Thailand Recovery Fund was established to support the people, local projects, and organizations who have been doing remarkable work to help those most in need, which has become even more essential today as we face one of Thailand’s worst economic crisis caused by COVID-19.
The Issue
The COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted many people. While the public has rallied support behind those who have lost their jobs and those who are serving on the frontlines, one particular group have mostly been forgotten. As donations have been redirected to popular social media campaigns and calls for help, the people who have dedicated their lives to helping others that were already struggling even before this crisis now face an even more difficult battle.
How does the project address the issue?
This recovery fund aims to continue and boost support for all the projects that are actively raising funds on Socialgiver. The funds will be used to further the impact of campaigns (helping to increase total funds raised or improve awareness), enhance the effectiveness of projects (e.g. on-ground activity support, providing additional human resources, volunteers, and communication materials), or through direct donations to projects in the case where it is deemed most suitable.
Our estimated budget breakdown for this project are:
20% to support campaigns to raise additional funding
20% to support on-ground activities, human resources, and volunteers
60% granted to social projects, including:
- UNICEF Covid Fund
- Covid Relief Bangkok
- Food4Good
- Protect our Doctors (if COVID-19 returns in Thailand)
- Other projects currently actively raising funds on Socialgiver platform
Bank Transfer
To donate to this fund, you can also transfer money to:
Account Name: Yuvabadhana Foundation for Socialgiver
Bank: TMB
Account Number: 075-2-38338-0
Please send your transfer receipt to LINE @Socialgiver.
We reserve the right to issue donation receipts only for donations of 500 baht or more, to allow us to operate the only donation platform that gives 100% of donations to projects without deducting any fees. Thank you for understanding.
*Socialgiver does not take any fee for all donations to all our projects.
*All direct donations made on Socialgiver is 100% Tax Deductible. This does not include contributions made via the ‘Shop’ page when customers receive a GiveCard. For payment made via our website, users can directly enter your details for issuance of the donation receipt.
More Information
The Thailand Recovery Fund will be operated and managed by Socialgiver and overseen by Yuvabadhana Foundation.
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