Provide support to the elderly and low-income communities in Bangkok most affected by Covid 19 New Wave, Only 300 baht can support a family with Covid Relief.
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Covid Relief was established by a coalition of organizations in the face of the devastating health and economic present and future impacts created by Covid 19. The coalition includes SATI Foundation (, Scholars of Sustenance (, and Urban Studies Lab (, with support from Bangkok 1899 and the Thai Health Volunteers Foundation.
The Issue
The coronavirus has in the space of a few weeks completely transformed our lives, and there is a sense of foreboding that for many, the worst is yet to come. But while some people in Bangkok are able to quarantine themselves at home safely, there are many elderly and low-income households who rely on daily wages to support their families, making social distancing an impossibility. This means coronavirus spread is likely to be highest in our poorest neighborhoods, posing a considerable threat to the lives of many, but especially the elderly and those already suffering from pre-existing conditions.
In the short term, the spread must be slowed down to ease the burden on Thailand’s already overwhelmed public health infrastructure. Long term, considerable economic pain is expected here in Thailand, particularly by households that depend on industries like tourism, which will be devastated by Covid 19.
Phase 3
Update on 15 July 2021
The total donation in Phase 3 is currently at 1,203,354 THB
700,000 THB has been converted to food and supplies to donate to targeted community.
Distribution target: At- risk, low-income, unregistered migrant communities
Distribution of food supplies: rice(5kg), canned fish, (fruit-canned)
When the Covid-19 Pandemic started last year, no one was prepared for its effect on people’s health and livelihoods and the economic disruption it triggered. Consisting of like-minded NGOs, social enterprises and volunteers from across Thailand and abroad, Covid Relief Bangkok was formed to respond to these challenges..
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Some of the main contributors are:
SATI : An NGO that focuses on healthcare and education for at risk and underserved youths throughout Thailand
Urban Studies Lab: A knowledge-based independent urban studies laboratory which serves as a knowledge & data management center and community engagement facilitator
Bangkok 1899: A cultural and civic hub
FREC: Ford Research and Education center
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During the span of 6 months, Covid Relief Bangkok, in collaboration with Health centers all over Bangkok, donated over a million meals in addition to food and sanitation supplies to vulnerable communities throughout the capital city.
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In phase 2, Covid Relief went from distribution to upskilling and mental health. We ran business boot camp for 8 communities as well as psychological first aid training for over 300 health volunteers throughout Bangkok. Covid Relief has been running psychological first aid classes up until the latest 3rd wave outbreak. Now, as more people continue to suffer the economic impact of the pandemic, it has become a necessity to restart the distribution of necessary food supplies such as rice and canned fish to the most vulnerable communities, namely, low income, unregistered and migrant communities. We will be running a safe and efficient process, limiting the risk of exposure. To do this, we need your support.
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How You Can Help
As a socially responsible company, you can improve the lives of the people in the regions in which you operate. The concept from COVID Relief Bangkok is an ideal project for your company to support during this unique time of need. Our partner SocialGiver can provide tax-deductible receipts for monetary and in-kind donations.
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Socialgiver provides donation receipts only for donations 500 THB or more
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