Create a safe space where people can release their own stress or sadness without fear., Every 100 baht can help users connect and communicate. With heart-eared volunteers who were trained by the Department of Mental Health, it was convenient, quick and efficient.
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Sati App is an mobile application that believe in the power of empathy and peer support.
We provide on demand listening services for free by connecting users to our trained empathetic listener volunteers.
Sati App was successful launched earlier in 2021. It is currently in phase one of the application. In the near future, it will incorporate in AI and Machine Learning to detect the stress level of the caller so that best support can be provided to them.
Since the development of Sati App started in 2018, we have investigated various causes and effects of Mental Health in Thai society.
In the year 2020, the number of suicide rate have risen to 7.35 per 100,000 population, accumulating to over 5,086 people. This means that every 10 minute there is 1 person attempting suicide in Thailand.
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The are many reasons contributing to someone committing suicide. Two major category of reasons are mental health and/or complex sociocultural factors, such as:
• Social Status
• Gender Identification
• Family Problem
• Relationship
• Financial Problem (debt)
• Substance Abuse
• Alcohol Addiction
As stated earlier, Mental Health is widely stigmatized. That is because many still do not have clear understanding of Mental Health as a health problem. Thus, they do not seek professional help or is unable to access or afford one.
When we look at the affordability and accessibility in Mental Health care in Thailand. We have 1 Mental Health workers for a every 250,000 people.
Moreover, the rate for getting a treatment in private hospital can be 400% more than that of government hospital, however, you can spend 4 hours more in the government hospital for your treatment.
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With personal experience living with Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia, Sati App has been developed. Sati App is a mobile application that provide peer support. This way, we can train more empathetic listeners in our community to support the Mental Health Care system. According to WHO, peer support can be used as an early intervention for someone who is distressed.
Many who are stressed do not need psychological care from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. However, by having someone listen to them, they can also reduce their stress level. This is not to say that this is always the case.
Sati App will also work as a filter system to link or provide information to those who would need proper psychological care, by providing information regarding hospitals users can go to for further assistance.
We do not ask users to share their real names with us, as we do believe in the importance of being anonymous. However, we do ask our users to share information such as their age, and gender (including LGBTQ+). This information will allow us to understand the different stress factors for each age group and gender.
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