Train trainers for Vojta Therapy, Every 2,250 baht donated provides Vojta therapy for a child living with disability
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Children who are diagnosed with congenital limb deficiency, cerebral palsy and other disabilities of the same kind face a life of struggle, barely being able to move and suffering from mental disorders. Treatment is essential in alleviating their suffering, increasing their mobility, and most importantly, to help improve their quality of life.
How will this project solve the issue?
ZMF strongly supports Vojta therapy, a treatment that stimulates and rehabilitates the deep muscle systems of the spine and extremities. Vojta involves a systematic analysis of babies and toddlers up to 18 months of age, allowing you to gauge key body developments (rolling, crawling, walking). Following early diagnosis (within the first 6 months of life), treatment is provided at decreasing intervals by therapists and continued on a day-to-day by parents (who are trained by the therapists). The results of Vojta therapy will make a difference for these children throughout their entire life.
How will your donation create impact?
The programme is currently training 24 therapists, who are expected to treat up to one thousand cases each year. The therapists, each who is expecting to treat up to 40 cases (children) per year, will also be responsible for training parents of the affected children to continue the treatment.
With every 2,250 baht donated, you can provide Vojta therapy for a child with a disability
The training cost per Vojta therapist falls at approximately 90,000 baht, and as mentioned prior, each therapist is expected to treat 40 children per year. The funds raised would be able to profoundly change the life of up to 40 children every year who are currently facing movement difficulties and mental disorders; especially Congenital Limb Deficiency Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.
The treatment would help to alleviate their suffering, significantly increase their ability to move, and most importantly, aid in helping them experience life to a much greater extent. In summary, access to Vojta treatment wouldn’t only help the disability/mental disorder effected children, but it would enable parents to be able to better care for their children and create a better life for both the parents, and the children.
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