Send hilltribe children to school, Every 4,270 baht donated provides education for a child in Chiangmai.
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In March 2010, Teacher “Tom” travelled to teach in the rural district of Omkoi, Chiangmai. What he found was shocking; the children could not understand, nor speak Thai, even though they are at the age where they should be able to. Upon seeing this, Teacher “Tom” was inspired to find quality educational materials that could teach the students the Thai language. Thanks to all of the generous sponsors, he was able to obtain the standard Thai language books (as used by schools throughout the country) for the children at Baan Mae Hong Klang. Once he finished teaching the 2 books at the end of 2011, the children’s Thai language skills improved immensely – and some children even asked to bring back books to practice reading at home.
Once he saw that quality education material could lead to better learning, Teacher Tom initiated a hill-tribe “dekdoi” scholarship project to create better access to education for his students.
At the same time, Teacher Tom established “4DekDoi”, and a Volunteer teaching program which encourages people to come and teach hill tribe children during the winter months (October-January). The program brought in like-minded teachers/volunteer to further advance the children’s learning through fun and dynamic activities.
How does the project address the issue?
4DekDoi creates an opportunity for the younger generation of volunteers to participate with the local Karen hill tribe community by volunteering to teach children in the area.
4DekDoi aims to:
1. Create access to education for hill-tribe children in rural Chiangmai
2. Bring educational resources to rural Chiangmai
3. Enliven the quality of life of the hill-tribe children (the 4 basic needs: food, housing, medicine, clothes)
4. Connect with partner institutions and volunteer networks to do educational activities for the children
How will your donation create impact?
For every 4,270 baht donated, you can provide access to education for a child in rural Chiangmai.
Every baht of your donation will help support the children in the following ways:
(1) Expenses for school uniform and school supplies = 1,270 baht per school year per student
• Two sets of school uniform at 190 baht per set = 380 baht per student
• One pair of shoes = 190 baht per student
• Two pair of socks at 25 baht per pair = 50 baht per student
• One sports uniform (to wear every Wednesday) = 350 baht per student
• One boy/girl scout uniform (to wear every Thursday) = 150 baht per student
• One local hill-tribe (to wear every Friday) = 150 baht
(2) Expenses for lunch at the school = 3,000 baht per school year per student
• Lunch at 10 baht per day per student; So each month = 300 baht per month per student. The school opens 10 months per year so the total costs for lunch = 3,000 baht per school year per student.
• Lunch during the period when the school closes (usually the school closes approximately 75 days per year; school closes during October, April - 15th May)
• There are 4 students who live at the school and don’t return home during breaks.
Total expenses for school uniforms, school supplies and lunch = 4,270 baht per school year per student
Impact Created
4DekDoi has sent 23 students into Thai educational system (100 percent increase from last year).
The benefit of working with Socialgiver was the access to additional donations and funding which provided them with the ability to purchase P.E supplies. They are currently running an initiative labeled, “Volunteer teacher for dekdoi”, to attract more teachers.
More info about the project:
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